Honey Money Scratch Card

There’s little sweeter than Honey except perhaps winning Money and with this scratch card you will be buzzing like a bee as you pop open honeycombs to reveal your wins! Honey Money Scratch Card is a great addition to the MegaMoneyGames collection, with bright and colourful graphics, an easy to use interface and simple game play. So will you become the Queen Bee with all the money or just a drone collecting Honey!


How To Play Honey Money Scratch Card

First of all you need to set your card price by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button by the bet window, you can play with the minimum of 10p or the maximum of £10, once you have set your price you are ready to start the game. Click start and choose a honeycomb from either the top or bottom scrolling honeycomb lines. A symbol is reveled and placed in the ‘Memory’ section in the upper left corner of the gameplay window. Select another honeycomb from the remaining line and if your symbols match you win!

There are eight different symbols available each with a cash prize amount attached, matching symbols awards the cash prize listed. Cash prizes are changed depending on how much you initially decided to play with. Symbols available are the letters ‘H’, ‘O’, ‘N’, ‘E’, ‘Y’ and ‘M’, there are also a flower symbol and a beehive symbol. Prize amounts increase in the order shown with the letter ‘H’ being the lowest and the Beehive symbol the highest. If you choose to play with the maximum card prize you could win up to £100,000.

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